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  • Success is the result of your commitment to daily improvements. This Change Journal will help you hold
    yourself accountable for your successes and your missteps. Each of its entries—there’s one for every day
    of the …

  • Even if your fitness routine consists of regular high-efficiency surge workouts (MaxT3!), you may still be struggling to see results. Why? Because the action you take immediately after a workout is vital to your body’s …

  • As difficult as it is to pronounce, ashwagandha is  equally as beneficial to your overall health. For centuries, this Indian herb has been used to treat dozens of conditions, ranging from stress and anxiety to Parkinson’s and even …

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  • We love desserts, but we could really live without the belly aches that come with a sugar-saturated treat. That’s why we've created “Almond Joy” cookies to quench our cravings without upsetting our stomachs. These cookies are …

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