• Core Plan, makes 18 mini tarts (raw, vegan)

    The great sticky-sweetness of pecan pie, without the nasty sugar crash expected to accompany the traditional favorite. With no bake time required, these are a breeze to make and …

  • Trading Sugars for Clean Fats and Proteins

    Eliminating sugars from your diet is the cornerstone of the Maximized Living Advanced Plan. Dietary sugar Read More

  • Advanced and Core Plan-Approved, Raw, Vegan, Serves 6-8

    This is a great go-to recipe.  It is fabulous because it is raw and contains chia seeds which are very nutritious because they are loaded with omega-3 …

  • A classic recipe that has been updated to a healthy version. It contains no refined flour, no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Best of all, it's versatile: It can also be made into cupcakes or mini cupcakes.

  • Many have been taught to think of granola as a health food. Unfortunately, most versions are overflowing with sugars and other empty carbohydrates. Though often touted as energy bars, conventional carb-heavy granola sources can …

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